DDL is based in the famous diamond district of New York, but as our services are in demand all over the world, we have decided to expand our business through a partnership with HRD Antwerp. They are acting as a service provider on our behalf. They host and operate our device, to collect all the data that we require to assess the risk in your diamond. All of the data they collect gets sent to DDL and we then compile our report (note:HRD Antwerp are in no way responsible for the contents of our reports.)

So how does the process work for you?

Firstly go to our “Service Request” page. Tell us which service you would like and the location you wish to use. Fill out the form with as much information as possible.

Once the form is submitted we will contact you with a reference number and quote for the cost of the report. Take your diamond to the selected location and submit it to the office there along with your reference number. At the HRD locations, this will be the same process as if you were dropping off a diamond for grading.

Once the assessment of the diamond has been completed, you will be contacted to inform you that it is ready for collection.

We will then contact you to obtain the final pieces of relevant information, e.g. the cutting plan, and the details of who will be doing the work. This information is always required by insurers to obtain processing insurance. We can issue a risk assessment without a cutting plan, but it will be insufficient for you to obtain insurance.

With this information we will complete the risk assessment on your diamond. We will then contact you and provide the report, along with the invoice for payment.

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