Daniel Howell is a geoscientist who obtained his masters degree from Royal Holloway University, London. He has been studying diamonds ever since. He completed his doctorate at University College London (UCL) in 2009. The title of his thesis was ‘Quantifying stress and strain in diamonds’. He then went to Australia where he was a post-doctoral researcher for 5 years at the GEMOC and CCFS research centres in Macquarie University. Since returning to Europe in 2014, he as undertaken post-doctoral work at Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany), the University of Bristol (UK), and the University of Padova (Italy). He is presently an honorary visitor at the Vrije University in Amsterdam, while working remotely for the diamond research group at the University of Alberta.

Daniel has published more than 25 scientific (peer-reviewed) papers on various aspects of diamond science. He has collaborated with many of the worlds’ leading scientists in the field and many industry partners including De Beers, Rio Tinto and the GIA. His research papers include the mechanics of how diamonds grow, the physical and chemical conditions of their growth via studying substitutional impurities, inclusions and stable isotope analysis, the causes of colour, and the deformation processes to which diamonds are subjected.

Daniel’s studies of both stress and diamond deformation make him uniquely qualified to analyze diamond durability. By bringing his robust scientific approach to the study of diamonds, Daniel has helped to make DDL the leading company in the diamond risk assessment field. His presence allows DDL to fully understand diamond durability and to advance the science as well.

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